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Statement calling for urgent action on climate change

The following statement was issued at a conference on the health and security implications of climate change in London on 17th October 2011:-

Climate change poses an immediate, growing and grave threat to the health and security of people in both developed and developing countries around the globe.  

Climate change leads to more frequent and extreme weather events and to conditions that favour the spread of infectious diseases. Rising sea levels, floods and droughts cause loss of habitat, water and food shortages, and threats to livelihood. These trigger conflict within and between countries. Humanitarian crises will further burden military resources through the need for rescue missions and aid. Mass migration will also increase, triggered by both environmental stress and conflict, thus leading to serious further security issues. It will often not be possible to adapt meaningfully to these changes, and the economic cost will be enormous. As in medicine, prevention is the best solution.

Action to tackle climate change not only reduces the risks to our environment and global stability but also offers significant health co-benefits.[i] Changes in power generation improve air quality. Modest life style changes – such as increasing physical activity through walking and cycling - will cut rates of heart disease and stroke, obesity, diabetes, breast cancer, dementia and depressive illness.  Climate change mitigation policies would thus significantly cut rates of preventable death and disability for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The health co-benefits of lower carbon use save money: reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 (compared to 1990 levels) would save over €80 billion a year in healthcare costs and through increased productivity of a healthier workforce[ii].

We therefore call upon governments around the world to prioritise efforts to address the causes and impacts of climate change. Specifically we urge: 

  • The European Union to unconditionally agree a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions domestically by 30% by 2020, and to prepare further targets towards 2050 which would incentivise the decarbonisation of the economy.
  • Developed countries to adopt more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, to increase their support for low carbon development and to invest in further research into the impact of climate change on health and security.
  • Developing countries to actively identify the key ways in which climate change threatens health and democratic governance, as well as undertaking mitigation and adaptation activities, including through supported and unsupported NAMAs.
  • All governments to enact legislative and regulatory change to stop the building of new unabated coal-fired power stations and phase out the continuing operation of existing plants prioritising lignite generation as most harmful to health.
  • All parties at the climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, to strive to adopt an ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction agreement consistent with the target of restricting the global temperature rise to 2°C as agreed in Copenhagen and Cancun, and in line with the pending UNFCCC review towards a 1.5°C limit above preindustrial levels. A mechanism ensuring that all people can share equitably the benefits of a safe atmosphere without penalising those with the least historical responsibility for climate change must be established.
  • All governments to incorporate the UN Security Council Presidential statement from 20 July 2011 on the potential consequences of climate change on security into their short and long term security planning[iii].
  • All governments to strive to adopt climate change mitigation targets and policies that are more ambitious than their international commitments.


i  Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: overview and implications for policy makers. Haines A, McMichael AJ, Smith KR, Roberts I, Woodcock J, Markandya A, Armstrong BG, Campbell-Lendrum D, Dangour AD, Davies M, Bruce N, Tonne C, Barrett M, Wilkinson P.    Lancet 2009; 374: 2104-14
ii "Acting Now for better health, A 30% reduction target for EU climate policy", HEAL and HCWHE, Brussels, September 2010
iii Security Council Presidential Statement, Jul 20, 2011


Signing the statement

The following people have signed the statement.



Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor in chief, BMJ (British Medical Journal)

Dr Hamish Meldrum, Chairman of Council, British Medical Association

Professor Hugh Montgomery, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London and Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, former president of the Royal College of Physicians

Dr Richard Horton, Editor-in-chief, The Lancet

Dr. Hege Gjessing, President, Norwegian Medical Association

Dr Heidi Stensmyren, Vice-president Swedish Medical Association

Dr Bjørn Oscar Hoftvedt, Norwegian Medical Association

Mr Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International, on behalf of  Prof. Raul Benet, Professor of Environment and Development, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Richard Blewitt, CEO, HelpAge International, on behalf of  Dr Johannes Meier, CEO European Climate Foundation

Gheorge Borcean, Vice President, Romanian College of Physicians

Dr Lars T Fadnes, PhD, Chair of the Norwegian network on climate and health and researcher at the Centre for International Health, on behalf of the Norwegian network on climate and health

Christopher Pleyer, President, International Federation of Medical Students Associations

Roopa Dhatt, Vice President International Federation of Medical Students Associations

Vojko Bernard, President, Alpe

Professor Gunnar Kvåle, Centre for International Health, Norway

Lord Michael Jay of Ewelme ­ Chairman of Merlin

David Pencheon, Director, NHS Sustainable Development Unit (England)

David Kidney, Head of Policy, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health 

Lynda Hamlyn, Chief Executive, NHS Blood and Transplant

Professor Anthony Costello, Director UCL Institute for Global Health

David Braun, 2nd Secretary, Embassy of Switzerland, London

Professor Bill McGuire, Professor of Geophysical& Climate Hazards, Department of Earth Sciences, University College London

Prof Sue Atkinson CBE, Former Regional Director of Public Health for London, Co-chair Climate and Health Council

Professor Adrian M Lister, Research Leader, Department of Paleontology, The Natural History Museum

Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University London

Tom Spencer, Vice Chairman Institute for Environmental Security

Cristina Tirado , Director, PHI Center for Public Health and Climate Change

Dr Robin Stott, Co-chair Climate and Health Council

Prof Ian Gough, Professorial Research Fellow, LSE

Dr Gunhild Stordalen, MD/PhD, Member of the Supervisory Board, European Climate Foundation

Edward Canfor-Dumas, Co-founder and Director ENGI and initiator of the All Party Group on Conflict Issues

Alejandro Litovsky,Director, Earth Security Initiative

Genon K. Jensen, Executive Director, Health and Environment Alliance HEAL, on behalf of

Angela Bryant, Executive Director, 10:10 UK

Paul Horsman, Campaign Director, Global Campaign for Climate Action

Simon Brown, Managing Director, 2degrees network

Pooran Desai, Co-Founder, BioRegional

Professor P Nigel Leigh, Professor of Neurology, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Trafford Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Sussex

Simon Ross, Chief Executive, Population Matters

Superiores Monterrey ITESM

Adria Green, on behalf of  Professor Linda Keane, AIA, NCARB, Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Kenneth Nana Amoateng, Project and Programs Director Abibiman Foundation, Ghana

Sally Ranney, Executive Director, Rising Wolf, LLC

Lucy Emerson-Bell, Production Coordinator American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY), on behalf of Marcela Ballara, Secretariar member, International Council of Adult Education ICAE and Gender Office GEO

Sonia Khela, Climate Change Researcher, Zoological Society of London

Suzanne Maxx, Founder/President/Chair, World Team Now

Guy Alois Magnus, Procurator, European Society For Research and Prevention Environment And Health (SREH)

Dr Philip Michael, Honorary Secretary and Vice President [Europe], Irish Doctors Environmental Association

Francesca Scassellati Sforzolini, Director Stakeholder Communications, European Climate Foundation

Ieva Morica, Program Director, Soros Foundation - Latvia

Alexandra Lipman, Professional Advisor, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Vaughan Southgate, President, The Linnean Society of London

Marit Halonen Christiansen, Board Member, Organisation Norwegian Medical Association

Duncan Heath, Chairman, Independent Talent Group

Dr. Pip Hayes, GP, Population Matters

Tim Taylor, Lecturer,  European Centre for Environment and Human Health

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, Professor of Public Health, Kings College London

Rachel Stancliffe, Director, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Allison Beattie, Human Development Department, DFID

Paul Pearce-Kelly, Senior Curator, Zoological Society of London

Dr Stephen Dorey, Specialist Registrar in Public Health

Dr Iain TR Kennedy, Specialty Registrar, Public Health Medicine

Ruchi Baxi, Specialty Registrar in Public Health, Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust

C Bayntun, Specialty Registrar in Public Health

Torben Sigsgaard, Professor Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark

Birgitta Ashworth, Transistition Town Leamington

Dr Bryony Hughes, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Isobel Braithwaite, Medical Student & campaigner, Cambridge Hub, University of Cambridge

Lindsey Hayes, Learning and Development, Royal College of Nursing

Dr Paul Fitzpatrick, Consultant, healthygreenfutures

Ruth Findlay Brooks, Senior Advisor, University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

Isabella Platon, Head of Communications, International Diabetes Federation

Ray Lock, Senior Officer, Royal Air Force

Dr Bernd Eggen, Principal Climate Change Scientist, Health Protection Agency

Lizzie Wood, Lizzie of Earth

Margaret Logan, Regional Microbiologist, Health Protection Agency

Gill Donaldson, Renal Business Manager, Janssen, pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson

Adrian Robertson

Dr Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus, Policy Studies Institute

Sonja Powell, Director

Rachel Hadden, GP Trainee, NHS

Ian Scott, Principal Facilitator - Grand Challenges, UCL

Dr Jessi Tucker, NHS trainee

Dilys Morgan, Consultant Health Protection, Health Protection Agency

Frank Arnold, Doctor

Dr Frances MacGuire, Public Health Registrar

Lindley Owen, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Bournemouth & Poole

Katherine Brooks, Marine biology researcher

Dr Stuart White, Consultant Anaesthetist, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Mark McPhail, Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial College London

Zudn Puthucheary, NIHR research fellow, UCL/KCL

Maggie Barker, Director, Thames Cancer Registry

Sue Atkinson, Non Executive Director, UCLH

Guppi Bola, Campaigner, Oxfam

Matt Baker

Terrence Tehranian, Partner, Pioneer Point Partners LLP

Lynn Gibbons, Sustainable Health SW Manager, Sustainability SW/ NHS SW

Zoe Brummell, Anaesthetist, NHS

Mirabelle Muuls, Research fellow, Imperial college

Aida Ponce Del\Castillo, Researcher, ETUI

Dr Sudeep Chand, Research Fellow, Chatham House

Pam Garthwaite,  Researcher, Open University

Robin Murray, Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics

Nick Christoforou, Managing Director, Neo

Dr Andrew Cook, Binscombe Medical Centre

Andy Connor, Medical Registrar

Henry Nicholls, Science Journalist

Francesco Forastiere, Epidemiologist Regional Health Service, Lazio, Italy

Viky Christodoulou-Voskarides, Policy Assistant, European Commission

Neil Chadborn, Researcher in Public Health Liverpool, John Moores University

Dr Colin Sage, Senior Lecturer in Geography, University College Cork, Republic of Ireland

Meredith Gunn, Course Manager, Monash University

Dr Martin Birley, Consultant, BirleyHIA

Roy White, Chair, Northern Ireland Cycling Initiative

Professor Andrew Jameton, Professor University Nebraska Med Ctr College of Public Health

Karen Dobres, Parent Governor, Lewes New School

Anna Haworth, Risk Advisor, Acclimatise

Dr Karen Jones, GP, Binscombe Medical Centre

Ben Leeman, Publisher, New Community Quarterly

Dr Benjamin Ticehurst, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame Australia

Dr Liz Hanna, Fellow, Australian National University

Natalie Davis, Public health student, Griffith University

Dr Robyn Gregory, CEO, Women's Health West

Dr Belinda Lewis, Senior Lecturer Health Promotion, Monash University (Australia)

Olivia Ellis, Research Assistant, Yale University

Jane Yorkston, Senior Health Promotion Officer

G.N.Chandrasiri, Assistant Director, Central Environmental Authority Sri Lanka

Dr Nicholas Leigh-Hunt, Public Health Registrar, NHS Leeds

Snezana Matic-Besarabic, Senior Specialist Environmental Health, Institute of public health Belgrade

Ralph Chapman, Dr/Associate Professor Environmental Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

Anne Mason, Owner/Manager, Private tuition business

Daniel Howard, Physician

Arthur Mitzman, Concerned Citizens against Climate Change

Peter Sainsbury, Public health specialist, Sydney, Australia

Monika Bhatia, ParraCAN & Independent Researcher, Women's Information Network, NSW

Callan Emery, Managing Editor, Middle East Health

John Gibbons, Publisher, MedMedia Group (Ireland)

James Hewitt, Consultant

Jill Sciberras, Nurse Epidemiologist

Professor Jim Kitchen, Faculty of Art, Design & the Built Environment, University of Ulster

Christelle Page, Final Year Student - BSc Adult Nursing Degree, Nursing Sustainability and Climate Change

Dr Nick Wilson, Associate Professor, University of Otago, New Zealand

Josh Karliner, International Coordinator, Health Care Without Harm

Stephen Kunz, Senior Ecologist, Schmid & Company, Inc., Consulting Ecologists, USA

Dr Gideon Polya, biochemistry lecturer, La Trobe University

Vicki Philipp, Artist

Lucy Wickham, Health Promotion Worker, Greater Dandenong Community Health Service

Professor John Wiseman, Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne

Tyler Law, Medical Student, Queen's University, Canada

Garry Egger, Professor, Southern Cross University

Dr N. P. Sumanaweera, Physician, Individual consultant

Dr Muhammad Moazzam Khan, Family Physician, Aga Khan University Hospital

Lucinda Chipchase, Lecturer, The University of Queensland

Dr Silas Taylor

Andrew Skolnick, Medical Journalist, Freelance

V Gowri, Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University

Safa el Qsoos, Quality director &patient safety regional adviser, Ministry of health, Jordan

Matilda Annerstedt, MD/PhD, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Maria Harpsoe, MD, Ph D student

Valerie Hawes

Joan Dugdale, Medical herbalist, Private practice

June Abrahamsson, Retired Physician

William Tobin, PhD (retired)

Kate McCambridge, Midwife, BSUH

Paul Cole, Paramedic

Jenny Weeks, Public Health Analyst

Ieva Cechaviciutre, Psychologist

Dr Ellen Grant, retired physican

Benny Goodman, Lecturer, Plymouth University

Dr Milton Easton, ICU at Lismore Base Hospital (NSW, Australia)

Maurice Savage, Professor of Paediatrics, Queen's University Belfast

Professor Dr Chih-Chien Wang, National Defense Medical Center, Tri-Service General Hospital Department of Pediatrics, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Dr Elena Aldasoro, Health Researcher, Department of Health, Basque Government

Dr Maxwell Summerhayes, Associate Head of Medical Affairs

Professor Paul Hunter, Professor of Health Protection, University of East Anglia

Dr Andrew Connor, Department of Renal Medicine, Derriford Hospital

Professor Stephen Bown, Professor of Laser Medicine & Surgery Director, National Medical Laser Centre, UCL

Luann Shield

Joanna Phillips, Head of Climate Change Adaptation, WWF, UK

Ary de Oliveira, Costraction, Chevron

Dr Rosemary Croft, GP

Kurt Frieder, Executive Director, Huesped Foundation, Argentina

David A. Levy, M.D., Consultant

Amresh Hanchate, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Dr Kasirim NWUKE, Chief, Quality assurance, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dr David Edwards, Public Health Registrar, NHS

Cornelia Baines MD, Professor Emerita, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Toronto, Canada

Jasmeen Batra, Recent Graduate, Boston University

Jennifer Robinson, MD, MPH, Professor, University of Iowa

Paul Dixey, Managing Partner, Bluelight Partners

Dr Joseph S. Ross, Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

Margot Prior, Professor of Psychology, University of Melbourne

Mauricio Carmona, Neonatologist, private practice, O&P Medica, SC, Cuernavca, Mexico

Meg Christie, Health Promoter, Community and Public Health, Canterbury, New Zealand

Magdalena Amparo Bastida Varela, Médico, SSDF

Dr Martin Brigden, Consultant Physician, Queensland Health

Rachel Cottam, GP, NHS

Jun, medical student

Cherie McCown, Board Member, Community Directed Development Foundation, Africa

Dr Brendan O'Brien, Specialty Registrar in Public Health Medicine, Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland)

Simone Cort, Administrator, British Society of Gastroenterology

Craig Brown, General Practitioner

Dr Emmett Sharpe, Consultant Anaesthetist, Belfast Trust Hospitals, Northern Ireland

Pierluigi Cocco, M.D., Professor of Occupational Health, University of Cagliari, Italy

Mathew Jose, Physician

Kuba Gogolewski, Energy Campaigner, CEE Bankwatch Network

Dr Carole P. O'Beirne, Pediatrician, Toronto East General Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital and University of Toronto

Scott A Mandia, Professor-Physical Sciences, Suffolk County Community College

Anja Leetz, Executive Director, Health Care Without Harm Europe

Dr Brian Silk, Retired Consultant Paediatricin, NHS

Werner Leber, GP, QMUL

Declan Heavey, Director, Network for Church Monitoring

Dr S. K. Roy Chaudhary, Professor & Head of Forensic Medicine, Rohilkhand Medical College, BAREILLY, UP, India

Rainer Sauerborn, Professor, Heidelberg University, Germany

Dr Richard W Lee, Respiratory SpR, Darent Valley Hospital

Dr Kate Ardern, Director of Public Health

Bryan Lask, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of London

Mahesh M. Deore, registrar

W. Vennells, GP, NHS

Dr Knut Schröder, General Practitioner and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Concord Medical Centre and University of Bristol

Dr William Janson, GP, Hawthorn Medical Centre, Swindon

Dr Peter Wilkinson, Consultant Cardiologist, Ashford & St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust

Ruth Hutchinson, retired Anaesthetist

Jodi Sherman, MD, Yale University, School of Medicine

Liangyi Chang, Co-Director, Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition

Dr Neil D Arnott, General Practitoner, Amherst Medical Practice

Patrícia Ribeiro, Environmental Engineer and PhD Student on Climate Change

Catherine Stace, UK Youth Climate Coalition

Stephen Connor, Founder, Climate in Public Health Action

Jill Beale, student, Melbourne University

Harry Troedel, Sustainability Manager, University of Melbourne

Martin Turner, Hon Principal Research Fellow, University of Sydney

Richard O. Day, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney & UNSW

Nicola Padel, Associate specialist in psychiatry & psychotherapy, Avon

Manfred Green, Head, School of Public Health, University of Haifa

Tom Herrmann, Operations Specialist, ProMedica

Stefi Barna, Co-Director, Sustainable Healthcare Education Network, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia

Stephen Jarvis, Professor Emeritus, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Alide Petri, public health consultant

Iain Cameron, consultant psychiatrist, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS

Sana Fathima, President, Engineering World Health, Oxford

Robert Gibberd, Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia

Amanda Stephens, Emergency Medicine Registrar

George Berencsi, MD, PhD, Scientific Advisor, Association for Environmental Health, Hungary

Dr Paola Michelozzi, Epidemiologist, Department of epidemiology Latio Region

Mark Waters, GP, Cantilupe Surgery

Dr Sophie Headland, Speciality Dr Ophthalmology, NHS

Helen Coyne, reired GP

Dr Sophie Sakmann, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, East Sussex NHS Trust

Shawn Ferrier

Cameron Caldwell

Stacia Burd

Karen Pierce

Ashley Ward, Insurance Analyst

Rachel Fischoff, President, Wildlife Rehab Alliance

Philip Insall, Director Health, Sustrans

Luisa Robles, Sustainability Specialist, City of Greenbelt

Susan Esrey, Senior Editor, Delicious Living magazine

Mr Babulal Sethia, Lead for Global Health, Royal Society of Medicine

Dr Gwendolen Alwakeel, NHS Associate Specialist

Anna Lunt, Massage Therapist, Anuska Complementary Therapy

Sarah Walpole, FY2 doctor, Scarborough and North Yorkshire deanery

James Herrington, Environmental Health Epidemiologist

Lisa Taylor, student

Erich Mazon, Account Executive, Human Race

Christopher H Cheetham, Retired Consultant Paediatrician

Helen Camakaris, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Valerie Koroluk

Diane Blanks, writer

Alexandra Lorking-Tanner, Sustainable Enthusiast

Christine Materia, PhD Candidate (Climate Change and Health), University of Tasmania

Arin Basu, Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Chris Bem, Consultant ENT and Neck Surgeon, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Ezekiel Melquist, Medical Student, King's College London

Nell Crowden, Climate and Health Council

Jacqueline Caine, Science Policy Officer, Society of Biology

Jenny Griffiths, Independent health consultant, Self-employed

Sally Aston, Doctor, GP locum

Dr Gwynfor Roberts, retired GP

Karen Manning, GP, Crown Medical Centre

Adrian Hastings, Clinical Educator, Leicester Medical School

Dr Andrew Boyd

Paul MacDonald, science teacher, retired, Fair Lawn Bd of Education

Professor Christopher H Hand, General Practitioner, Bungay Medical Practice, Suffolk

Elizabeth Archer, retired GP

Dr Ralph Sibley, Epidemiologist, Federation of American Scientists

Clare Evans, EPP Manager, NHS Dudley

Will John Duckworth, Treasurer, Dudley Green Party

James Butroid, Dudley Group of Hospitals

Louise Jackson, learning for public health CPD support, NHS

Professor Dr Mohammed-Saïd KARROUK, Climatologist, Professor/Researcher, University Hassan II, Climatology Research Centre (CEREC)

Trevor Thompson, Consultant Senior Lecturer in General Practice, University of Bristol

Dr Kate Charlesworth, Public Health Registrar, NSW Health, Sydney, Australia

Hannah Al-Yousuf, Medical Student, University of Cambridge

Lennart Reifels, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Hannah Fox, Medical student, Cambridge

Dr Andrew Tresidder, GP

Matthew Spriggs, Medical Student, University of Cambridge

Will Regan, FY2 Doctor, Lister Hospital, Stevenage

Stephen Gillam, GP/public health specialist, Institute of Public Health, Cambridge

Hannah Orrell, Student, Cambridge University

Juliet Carter, Director, Building Arts Community Interest Company

Neil Armstrong

Jude Mahon, Interpreter

Helena Wickham, Medical Student

Judith Anderson, Consultant Psychiatrist

Peter Howe, Teacher, South China Normal University

James Austin, Medical Student, Cambridge Univeristy

Stuart Bourne, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Worcestershire

Alistair Hill, Consultant in Public Health

Desma Shine, Nurse lecturer

Dr Angela Alexander, Senior clinical lecturer, University of Reading

Peggy Cope

John Fitzgerald, Concerned Citizen of Planet Earth, Climate Change Advocate

Ann Elsmore, Nursery assistant

Dr Anna Lezynski

Naomi Waters, Health Trainer, Mind The Gap

Dr F.A.Wood, retired GP

Elise Margetts, Student

Adrian Davis, Health and Transport Consultant, Adrian Davis Associates

Connie Pullan, retired paediatrician

Eben Jones, Student, University of Cambridge

MaryEllen, Surgical Technologist

Nicole Sharpe

Sarah Sprague, Speech Language Pathologist

Paul McGregor, Student

Jackie Robinson, retired, BHMA

María José Giménez Duarte

Susan Walker, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University

Dr Pertti Saloheimo, Finland

Dr Hugh Thomas, Clinical Teaching Fellow, St George's, University of London

Dr Huw Morgan, GP educator, Severn Deanery

Colin Reisner, Retired Physician

Ed Kiddle, Medical Officer of Health, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NZ)

David O'Flynn, Business Development Manager, Ecocem

Viktoria, student

Aiwyne Foo, Consultant Paediatrician

Suzanne MacKenzie, Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr Howard Frumkin, Dean, University of Washington School of Public Health

Carol Hession, Transition Town Member UK

Cliff Khan, GP, Brandon Lane Surgery

Jes Challand, Concerned human being

Alan Parrett, Country Director (Uganda), Emmanuel International

Dr Kate Tredgett, SpR Palliative Medicine, West Midlands Rotation

Dave Bennett

Dr Nial McCarron, ST6 Palliative Medicine

Dr Anita E Davies, Homeopathic Physician, Private Practice

Dr Donald Thomas, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr T Ferrero, GP, Merrow Park, Guidlford

Tom, Cumberlege, Carbon Trust Advisory

Lorenzo Cecchi, MD, Environmental Allergology, University of Florence

Paulo Diegues, Environmental Engineer, Health Directorate

Professor Bertil Forsberg, Director, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Umeå University, Sweden

Juliet Duff, Health Educator, Irish Doctors' ENvironmental Association

Dr Keith Lindsey, Anamed International

Professor Hiran Amarasekera, Professor in Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka

Eleanor Cooke, Final year medical student, Brighton and Sussex Medical School; Healthy Planet (Medsin)

Hilde Gundersen, medical student, Brighton and Sussex Medical School; Healthy Planet (Medsin)

Dr Maya Spencer, Consultant in Behavioural Medicine, Private sector, retired Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Antonia Wrigley, GPST1, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Neil Sorensen, Civil servant

Ann Childs, Physiotherapy educator, University of Nottingham

Trish Kershaw, Adminitrator, Private Hospital

Patrick Chuter, Physician, NHS

Susanna Bussolo, GP

Terry Melbourne, Acupuncturist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Psychotherapist, Capital Holistic Healing

Jon Barnes, Independent Psychiatrist

Devon Buchanan, Student, University of Cambridge

Christina Petterson, Internet Marketing Consultant

Ian Rankin, Principal, Ian Rankin Architect

William Bugler, Researcher, Acclimatise

Geert Haghebaert, health worker

Fr Nicholas Bird, Parish Priest, Church of England

Clare Heaviside, Climate Change, Health Protection Agency

Elise Morocco

Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive, Sustrans

Frank Cottingham, Clinical Teacher, Leeds Teaching Hospital

Thalia Carr, Sustainability officer

Stephane Watteeux, GP, NHS

Janet Reiss, Staff Grade Doctor, Charitable hospice

Stephen Wilderspin, Teacher, Cleeve Prior First School

Sarah Harvey, Health Promoter, CDHB

Susan Barnes

Daniel Amevor, RMN, Cambian Churchill

Margaret Lawson, Teacher

Sylvia Maidment

Dr Caroline Jessel, Medical Adviser and Sustainability Lead, NHS Kent and Medway

David Lyons, Activist, Haddenham in Transition

Tim Binmore, GP, Walker Medical Group

Sofie Indesteege, Lawyer, Monard D'Hulst

Sally Reynolds, GP

William Austin Henderson, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cwm Taf Local Health Board

Alan Plenty, Acupuncturist/Chiropractor, Acuplus

Will Barker, F1 doctor, NHS

Richard Larouche, PhD candidate, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Corinne Alway, Environment Officer, NHS

Philippa Jeacocke, Medical Student, Sheffield University

Sarah Bird, Skin cancer prevention officer

Anna Watkinson-Powell, Medical Student, BMA/Sheffield Medical School

Simon Challand, Palliaitve medicine consultant

Jennifer Swann, GP, Sheffield Care Trust

Alistair Wardrope, Medical student, University of Sheffield

Beatrice Riley, Junior researcher, University of Maastricht

Longo Cecilia, medical doctor, hospital Fernando Fonseca, EPE

Cheryl Macpherson, Professor of Bioethics, St George's University School of Medicine

Satesh BIdaisee, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, St. George's University

Suzanne Pemberton, English Language Tutor, University of Essex

Dr Muge Akpinar-Elci, Associate Professor, St. George's University

Kent E. Pinkerton, Professor, University of California, Davis

Mariana Cervantes-Burchell

Stephanie Sun, Medical Student, St.George's University

Morag Parnell, GP retired

Zoe Hutchinson, GPST2, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Charles RV Tomson, Consultant Nephrologist, North Bristol NHS Trust

Jennifer Fox, General Duties Medical Officer, Royal Army Medical Corps

Aser García Rada, Paediatrician and freelance journalist, Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, Madrid (Spain)

Ellen Newberry, student

Dr Jennie Macdiarmid, Senior research fellow, University of Aberdeen

Elizabeth Russell, public health (retired)

Ronald Ingle, retired medical practitioner

Ben Holden, Medical Student, Sheffield Medical School

Rojas-Rueda David, MD, MPH, CREAL (ceter of Research of Environmental Epidemiology, Barcelona, Spain

Dr Thuli Whitehouse, ST3 GPVTS, NHS

Sue Watteeux

George Crisp, GP, Onslow Road Family Practice

Sallie Forrest, Student, Medical Doctor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Hilary Saunders, Stop Smoking Advisor/Masters in Public Health student

Jikol Friend, Doctor, Princess Margaret Hospital

U R D Luded, Sceptic, Scientific Scrutiny

Laura McAuley, Pharmacist, NHS Highland

Kirsten van Gelder, writer, self-employed

Anna Jones, Teaching fellow, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

James Hawkins, Dr, Independent Practitioner

Richard Foord, Assistant Director (Partnerships), University of Exeter

Mark Campbell, Medical Student, Newcastle University

Anand Bhopal, Medical Student, University of Manchester

Hannah Barton, Medical student

Gunta Sloga, Media programme director, Soros foundation Latvia

Jonathan Meldum, Medical Student, Medsin-UK

Dr Jonny, University Hospitals Bristol

Paulina Villalpando, Associate, Earth Security Initiative

Rodrigo B, Sustainability Consultant, Entage by Design

David Gilman, doctor consultant, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Stephen Halpin, Doctor, NHS

Prianka Padmanathan, Medical Student, University of Leeds

Omar Jundi, FY2 Doctor, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Chris Robertson, Receptionist, Binscombe Medical Centre

Subhashis Basu, specialist registrar in public health and accident and emergency

Alicia Pawluk, Medical Student, University of St Andrews

Ben Clevenger, Anaesthetist, NHS

Stefanie Gissing, Medical Student, University of Sheffield

Pooran Desai, C-founder, BioRegional

Michael Tonkins, Student Doctor, University of Sheffield

Solveig Bjellmo, Medical doctor

Steve Tolan, Professional Advisor, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Lucy Frost, Medical Student

Sarah Cuthbertson, Specialty Registrar in Public Health

Dr Ben Rabb, Risk Analyst, Acclimatise

Alison Miller, Head of infant and maternal public health, NHS SWL Croydon Borough Team

Daniel MacIntyre, Health Improvement Principal, NHS SW London

Olivia Palin, Programme Leader, Sustainable Ecosystems, Acclimatise

Bob Khosa, Product Development Manager, Acclimatise

Gudrun Chidgey

Dr Becca Lovell, Researcher Biodiversity and Health, European Centre for Environment and Human Health

Miss Susannah Downing, Secretary. European Centre for Environment and Human Health, Truro, Cornwall

CA Mosse, Physicist, UCLH

Professor John Hills, Director, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, Lonodn School of Economics

Sabrina Holohan, Clinical Trials Co-ordinator, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Daniel Lee, Administration Manager, UCLH

Zara Karamali, Cinical practice facilitator, University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Rose Dunlop, Specialty Registrar (Public Health)

Rosie Colfer, Public Health Campaigns Officer, NHS South West London

Dr Hilary Kirkbride, Consultant Epidemiologist, Health Protection Agency

Dr James Sedgwick, Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, Health Protection Agency

Charles Campbell, Climate Change Researcher, Acclimatise

Nicky Cocksedge, Project Manager, European Centre for the Environment & Human Health

Ruth Speare, SpR, Public Health

Sara Naraghi, Medical Student, Medsin

Veronica Pat Grey, cancer screening lead, Croydon PCT

Michelle Whittle, Key Account Manager, Janssen Ltd

Sarah Geraghty, Account Manager, Janssen

Francesca Booker, UK Youth Climate Coalition

Stephen Boucher, Programme Director, European Climate Foundation

Nicholas Leigh-Hunt, Public Health Registrar, NHS Leeds

P. Nicolopoulou Stamati, Assoc.Prof. Environmental Pathology, Med. School University of Athens

Philip Dahlin, Sustainability Leader, Janssen

Ewan Hamnett, GP, Lordswood Medical Practice

Timothy Eggins, DEA, Sole trader

Anne Power, Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics

Cassandra Phoenix, Lecturer in Qualitative health research, European centre for Environment & Human Health, Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr Vanessa Fludder, Consultant anaesthetist, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

Tom Marrs, Paediatrician, NHS

LJ Hughes, medical student, Medsin UK

Dr David Lansley, Senior Economist

Soud M. Jumah, Federation Director, Zanzibar Community Forest Federation

Linh Do, Director, Change&Switch

Nevenka Troha, Ph.d.

Jonathon Charlesworth, Doctor, Fremantle Hospital

Woody Caan, Professor of Public Health, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Božo Dukic, AAG

Peter Coe, Postgraduate research student, Institute of Archaeology UCL

Dr Harry Bardgett, Consultant Radiologist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Zdravko Pravdic, Alpe Adria Green

Elizaveta Mamaliga, executive manager, Apiprodex

Matilda Škrlj, Doktorica veterinarske medicine, Alpe Adria Green

Mirjam Golja, ecologist, freelancer

Harry Ashurst, Anaesthetist, Bradford

Boris Šuštar, Civilne iniciative Celja AAG

James A R Willis, GP (retired) Author

Marcela Ballara, ICAe Secretariat, International Cpuncil for Adult Educacion, ICAE

Toulla Constantinidou

Dr Hermione Lovel, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Surrey

Rachel Fluke, Health Improvement Project Manager

Dr Sara Corben de Romero, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Croydon

Troy Young

Paul Rutter

Jackie Robinson, retired, BHMA

Ben Watson, Research Associate, Policy Studies Institute

Ruža Helac, Vojvodjanska zelena inicijativa

Prashant Vaze, Chief Economist, Consumer Focus

Dr Benedict Wheeler, Research Fellow, European Centre for Environment & Human Health, Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry

John Kapp, SECTCo

Nada Paulin, teacher of kindergarden, AAG

David Scoffield, Project Manager, Centre For Sustainable Healthcare

Matija Krkac, Alpe Adria Green

Tomaz Ogrin, researcher, Alpe Adria Green

Dr Stephen Battersby, President, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Professor Amel Kurbegovic, coordinator, Mreza NVO Brodareva

Vrabic Tomaz, Master of Science, AlpeAdriaGreen

Dr Ziggy Trefzer, Clinic Director, Hibghtree Medical Ltd

Marija Zupancic Vicar, Alpe Adria Green

Helen Burrows, Shiatsu and reiki practitioner

David Buchan, Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Dr Bridget McCalister, GP, Forth Valley Health Board

Peter McCalister, GP, Forth Valley

Egon, Alpe Adria Green

Staška Buser, UNIV. dipl Ing agr., Šolski center Šentjur

Virginia Keefe, Osteopath

Timothy Booth

Ghislaine Picchio, Social Worker, FUN in Action for Children

Dr Rebecca Moran, Associate Research Fellow, European Centre for Environment and Human Health, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry

Katy Cooper, Senior project manager, C3 Collaborating for Health

Shelley, well-being practitioner

Heather Farrar, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Bournemouth and Poole

Damian Basher, Public Health Consultant, Faculty of Public Health

Elizabeth Davies, Reader in Cancer and Public Health, King's College London

Romea Žbogar, Alpe Adria Green

John Moncrieff

Lucy Saunders, Public Health Registrar

Dr Eugenia Cronin, Consultant in Public Health

Alison Grimston, GP, Partner, Seaforth Farm Surgery Sussex

James Chan, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust

Angelina Taylor, Student, University of Edinburgh

Dr Umar Ahmad, NHS Trainee

Paul Dickinson, Chair Carbon Disclosure Project

Chris Holloway

Toni Millward, Medical Secretary, Lordswood Medical Group

Maya Tickell-Painter, Medical Student, Medsin UK

Graham Arthur, BMS / Quality Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Marta Palomino Gomez, student, Medsin-UK

John Carstensen, Head of Profession, Climate and Environment, DFID

Mathew Mathai, Paediatrician, NHS

Sue Conlan, Medical Scientist, Royal Perth Hospital

Hilary Thomas, Partner, KPMG

Pam Wortley, Dr, BMA Unite

Raya Ariella, FNP student, MGHIHP

Andrew DeWitt Baines MD, PhD, FRCPC, Professor emeritus, University of Toronto, Dept Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Mr Evans Tembo, Lecturer - Environmental Health, Ministry of Health, Chainama College of Health Sciences, Lusaka, Zambia

Jill Horn, Consultant, Bradford NHS

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